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We will exceed your expectations.


Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business and help you get your home sold fast. 

Our team prides itself on the experience we offer our clients and we are excited
to show you how our marketing plan is aligned with your goals!


With 40 years’ experience and a team of 14, we are confident we have a Realtor®
with the expertise to assist you in selling your home. 

In addition to our top-rated Realtors, our team includes a real estate attorney, a graphic designer,
and a transaction coordinator.  These full-time staff members work behind the scenes
to make the buying and selling experience as seamless and stress-free as possible for all of our clients. 


Partnering with The Pemberton Homes Team puts you among the over 3,000 satisfied families
we have helped find and sell homes. 

Our goal this year is to move over 250 families and we are confident that this journey will end in success. 


Exceeding expectations is what we do.  Together we will sell your home.  Let’s begin!


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