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Simple Living Convenient to the Twin Cities

This cozy Twin Cities suburb is the perfect retreat from the cost and noise of city living. Picture yourself in a beautiful waterfront property or nestled in a park-side bungalow. Farmington has exceptional properties for every taste and unbeatable community events and amenities. The verdant lawns and manicured parks that are featured in Farmington are sure to have you believing that there's no place like home! See everything this fast growing town has to offer!


Why Do Residents Choose Farmington?


Things to Do

With over a dozen local parks in convenient to Farmington residents, there is no shortage of recreational activities available. Otherwise, there is a whole berth of things to do. Attractions range from bars, theatrical venues, gaming venues. The most popular of all these attractions is the Dakota County Fairgrounds. The fairgrounds feature frequent events, shows, and an annual county fair.


Outdoor Exploration

You need only exit your house to be in a close vicinity of a gorgeous Farmington park. Farmington is a city of parks, having over a dozen convenient for the use of residents and visitors alike. A local favorite is the Prairie View Park which features several small ponds and several beautiful trails.


Shopping, Dining & Amenities

While Farmington is convenient to several shopping centers within and outside the town limits, Farmington also has several small shops and restaurants that line the major streets of their downtown. In Farmington, you have the option to explore familiar chains and unique shops alike.


Local Education

Farmington is home to eight elementary, three middle, five high schools, and three non-traditional schools operated by Farmington Public Schools. Minnesota has an open enrollment statute, which means that families may also send their children to schools in other districts. Farmington is known for its excellent extracurriculars, challenging programs, and after-school opportunities.


Farmington at a Glance

Whether you are buying or selling a home in Farmington, our real estate professionals are committed to providing the best possible service and exceeding your expectations. Contact The Pemberton Group to learn more about the Farmington real estate market, available homes, and the buying or selling process.


Quick Facts

Population: 21,086
County: Dakota
Zip Code: 55024
Size: 14.94 square miles
Median Home Value: $270,100


Travel & Commute

Minneapolis: 35 minutes
Saint Paul: 30 minutes
International Airport: 30 minutes
Public Transit: Minnesota Valley Transit


Farmington Real Estate

Find your dream home or condo near the Twin Cities by contacting Us.